Quality assurance

Preparing and maintaining quality standards - so that you attain the expected quality

Quality management system

The company-related quality management system of Tiefenbach Control Systems GmbH is the basis for maintaining and continually improving the quality standards of our products.

For many years it has been our aim to meet the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 in order to deliver a consistently high quality to our customers and business partners. Our process-oriented day-to-day approach to business provides for markedly verifiable and optimized work flows in all areas of the company. 

These activities also involve the task of carefully selecting suppliers with a very high quality standard and an excellent quality awareness.

Furthermore, our quality management standard ensures a constant refinement in terms of a continual improvement process.

Customer satisfaction is a major priority for our personnel in everything they do.


DIN EN ISO 9001 2015

Certificate-ZP-C065-14 2/2- / 3/2-way valve cartridges in size NG2, NG3 and NG6 in accordance with the drawing numbers contained in the appendix of this certificate